you'll get through this

You'll get through this. Whatever "this" is — financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises.

In the mean time share your "this," and let others pray for you through your turbulent times.

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  • For the annointing to permanently remove unrighteous strong holds in me on me and around me my families and partners and put in good things that will be used for The Kingdom of God and the people God wants at my church and my families church dragged in with a cheerful heart stayed on Jesus thankyou partners and complete shalom for my sister and Clarence and my whole Familly and us to be 100% obiedience to Christ. And the enemy kept out our homes and peace in battle and the right worship music and times 4us

  • Dear God,
    I pray for your truth to bind Satan’s lies that block people from your truth of work that you are doing. Praise You, Lord!

  • It won’t be
    It won’t be

  • I would like to get married, be stable and make good money. Finish my masters

  • I would like to have children

  • My partner and I split up. He won’t let me come home after infidelity on my part. He is a very sick workaholic I want to go home

  • In need of a vehicle/transportation of some sort. Praying for supernatural provision to obtain one in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Divine favor from the Social Security Judge Advocate’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. Praying for an approval letter in the mail soon.

  • But God
    will use
    this mess
    for good.

  • Reconciliation, Restoration and Healing in my relationship with Dwaine in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Prayer for all remaining debts to be paid. Meanwhile I wish to give thanks to God for making it possible for me to pay much of the debt.

  • Please pray for me I have a financial need. I have a large amount of money that is need to pay a debt. I am asking for favor and grace. Amen

  • prayer for my mom-she’s 90, fell and broke her hip, had surgery yesterday. doing pretty good but lots of confusion/agitation-facing rehab.

  • My husband was laid off 2 years ago from a Engineering Com.Since then he has been searching for a job.Please pray for him to get a job soon.

  • Lord, i believe and receive. Thank you. Divine providence, good health, financial support, love, happiness, san miguel brewery, inc. Amen.

  • Please pray for me to get through the grief of losing my Husband to cancer 4 months ago.

  • Career opportunity for my sister. My health.

  • Don’t be foolish
    or naive.

  • For my 12 yr old son to have strength to stand for what is right in Gods eyes. That he will find & keep Godly friends. For favor at school.

  • Please pray for Danny Nickerson, he is six years old and has an inoperable brain tumor. His condition is terminal, he needs a miracle.

  • Please pray that I’d eat healthier and lose 10 pounds; it’s not too much to lose, but it’s a challenge for me. Need more energy.

  • Dear Body of Christ..Plz pray for my son James..he needs prayer for an angry temper,burned his leg,now on percosets, needs to surrender.

  • I used again, and I’m still using LORD help I can’t do this on my own I need you. I don’t deserve this 500th chance, but I humbly ask for it

  • peace. faith. salvation for all my family.

  • Please pray that i find employment not to work on Sunday because i am a sunday school teacher. Pray that God’s will be done

  • Please pray for my husband Roger that he find employment has lost his business . Pray for his peace of mind and restoration in all areas.

  • But don’t

  • Unspoken prayer requests.

  • Every second am loosing him, god please make us a family in your grace. Please don’t leave us….

  • I pray and ask others to pray, for my friend Nathan. He is going through a serious legal situation.

  • Please pray that Jesus saves me from myself. For my panic attacks to stop. For God to heal my heart. Keep me safe, my daughters safe.

  • Pray that I trust in The Lord with my whole heart. Know that He has a plan for me. For my husband to hear God & come back to his family.

  • I pray for Gods intervention in my marriage. May love & peace b restored.I pray for a financial breakthrough too.May Gods mercies b upon me.

    Caroline N.S (Zambia, Africa)
  • This week I have a bad flu. It follows a serious event with my mom, who had a heartattack. Pls pray esp for her and for me!!

  • For the anointing to destroy anything stoping or hindering me my families and partners from abiding fully in Christ including past failure.

  • With God’s help,

  • Heavenly father I ask that you heal my mother from losing her sight to see and rest her mind of fear and worries. I thank you in advance…

  • Please pray for Charles and Aryannah, one an older man and one a child, who are suffering from cancer.

  • Please pray for a young lady named Summer, who has just been released from the hospital after multiple suicide attempts.

  • Please pray for me I work at a place called county waste as recycle truck driver I am struggling pray that I get the victory over my job

  • you’ll

  • I pray for complete healing for my nephew Jun. He’s still in the hospital. He needs God’s healing hands and financial provisions.

  • 7 year breast cancer survivor. Breast cancer is back> Praying for strength, courage and hope that I can beat this again. Pls pray 4 me!!!!!

  • Prayer for complete healing for my nephew. He’s been sick for quite a while now. Please pray for God’s healing hands and financial provision

  • For God to have people pray for me and my families in the Holy Ghost often for deliverance and protection and for us to be mighty in The Lord . Thanks

  • please pray for the Lord to help me overcome deep fear, worry & doubt about health issue(s).

  • I pray that God brings me through the challenges of the next few weeks, as big changes could be in store for my family. Pls give me strength

  • Pray God’s wisdom & blessing on the Jaffna leprosy project, Sri Lanka & work carried out will improve quality of life of leprosy-affected

  • I pray for a happy day. The sound of leaves blowing, birds singing, clouds playing, a child’s giggle. I pray for you. Ur not alone! Amen.

  • pray for upcoming visit w/sister-in-law/grown nephews-my brother died 2 years ago, haven’t seen them since, relationship strained

  • Ps 91
    Protection for me and my families and more increasing

  • Stronger faith and trust in God as we go through trials and tribulations – for me and my family.

  • Stronger faith and trust in God for me, Melanie, Kenny, Molly and their families

  • Gods intervention and help to get my job of rest financial breakthrough in business and to be found by my soul mate. My family to be blessed

  • A desperate need for Gods intervention regarding our church and our membership, also to help us be more committed and spiritual. Joy

  • All word curses and curses period removed from me my church Familly and my children and brothers and sisters.salvation for all that need it and the full armor of God put on me my mom and our church Familly and covering from the enemy and blessings and Good sleep and our mouths to be guarded at all times so we bless and curse not protection from evil forces also. Thankyou

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