you'll get through this

You'll get through this. Whatever "this" is — financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises.

In the mean time share your "this," and let others pray for you through your turbulent times.

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  • Please offer prayers for my so,Kevin to get an internship. This would help us out so much financially .

  • God, please help me decide. I’m so lost. Please let me see. Help me to be at peace. Thank you.

  • It won’t be
    It won’t be

  • Please Pray For The Reynolds Family Through Hardships, And Through Sickness And Health. Protect Us And Always Bless Us!

  • That I won’t fret, get stressed, nor frustrated, but instead have wisdom, skill, efficiency, and serenity when doing lesson plans for kids.

  • Psalm 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.” God will hear our prayers.

  • Lord, I am desperate for your intervention in my family. Bring salvation, reconciliation, and peace. Come, Lord Jesus, to my family.

  • Lord, I’d like to move to a new job because of all the injustice done to me at my current one. Please let me hear back about my job apps.

  • But God
    will use
    this mess
    for good.

  • i need God to act on my life urgently

  • Thank you God for giving me more gratitude.

  • Please pray for my parents, both facing cancer, and my grandmother who is dying. Life is so hard some days… God, I need your strength.

  • Praying for my Husband,praying the Lord reaches his heart and gives him the love,peace and that he longs for, no more anger. Thank you Lord!

  • Pray with us that my wife’s blood counts stay up, so that chemotherapy is not delayed. Through 3 out of 6 treatments for breast cancer.

  • Lord be with B&B through their grief. Please continue to protect C&J. I am grateful for another chance to work for your glory this day.

  • We are all one. If we all knew it, we could not hurt one another. By sharing this message, perhaps we can change the world.

  • brother John ha a mass in his lungs a we await the results.As thing time I pray for others in my familyrr to soften their heart and let hea

    We need family
  • Don’t be foolish
    or naive.

  • Pray for me to have strength because I am weak pray for me to have Patients

    weak hearted one
  • My husband and I are getting evicted. He has no job and I only work part time. We have no place to go.

  • Please pray that my faith is restored. I feel so very far away from the Lord. I feel like Job. Everything is going wrong around me.

  • Aunt Myrtle is having a mastectomy tomorrow. Lost her husband recently. Is down and depressed. She needs peace &joy & healing.

  • Please pray for my husband. He was hurt on the job and they fired him. He has been an excellent provider. Never lost a job in 30 years.

  • please pray for food and water for my kids and for my family, and also please pray for strength and hope that we will get through this.

  • My mom and sister don’t see to care about me. I have struggled with some issues and they really hardly if ever wanted to talk about it.

  • Please pray for me for protection from temptation and evil and that I’ll overflow with gratitude to God always.

  • But don’t

  • Pray that God will restore relationships, in family.

    J W
  • Father, I pray for those who have usurped your place on the judgement seat of our lives help them come to the true understanding of GRACE.

  • Please God, hold my hand as I interview today. Let your will be done. Grateful & hopeful!

  • For my grandsons Deon and Dominic, and my son, their dad, Doug.

    Jody Trupiano
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and healing for the relationship I’m in. For Wes, the man I love, to be saved, to accept and submit his life to Christ

  • Please continue to support B&B through their grief. Please continue to protect C&J from reprisals & help them be their best selves.

  • I am grateful for another day to work for you. Thank you for your continued grace in my life.

  • Discouraged, bad health, people get tired of praying for me. So very tired of attitudes of people who live at ease, and the arrogant. :(

  • With God’s help,

  • Please pray for my daughter to overcome obstacles that are hindering completion of her final (M. Mus) composition/thesis. Deadline 2 weeks.

  • Thank you for your Lord for this day to share your love with a hurting world.

  • Please Lord continue healing for Bob. Please hold B&B close during their time of sorrow. Thank you for your tender mercies.

  • please bless us by being debt free move your spirit thru the hands that it takes to relieve us of r burdens so that we may witness 4 u lord

  • you’ll

  • father we love you & thank you for blessing our lives & the steps we take to serve you R King we give you thanks please save my sons soul

  • I pray that everything will be ok at work. I give it to you heavenly father

  • Please Heavenly Father help me to get my student loans paid down. they are such a burden and overwhelming. makes it hard on our marriage

  • I pray Dear god that you will help me to know what to do as far as my marriage goes. There has been a lot of unfaithfulness.

  • Dear God, I come to you on bended knees. Please cleanse my family members from their addictions. Heal them and make them strong again.

  • For Sarah, my daughter, living a homosexual lifestyle and alienating herself from God.

  • For Sarah at work who is fighting thyroid ca may she seek The Lord for his comfort and to restore her health..

  • For Debbie at work who just went through the death if her sister in law to pray for comfort by The Lord in thus sad time..

  • For my sister Michele and her family for salvation and good in The Lord!!!

  • Please pray for me. I am having trouble trusting God.

  • Dealing with financial issues and my husband was in a car accident on Monday. We are struggling.

  • Waiting to hear results of treatment for Dad and prostrate cancer. Parents are 87, 86 and 3,000 miles away. Keep them safe.

  • Husband has betrayed my trust and mentally and emotionally abusive.I almost died in the street near our home.How do I love,forgive him,go on

  • The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18 God, please be with B&B as they bury their child.

  • Just as You were right where You were supposed to be on that Cross, You have me right where I’m supposed to be! Thank you my Savior I’m free

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