you'll get through this

You'll get through this. Whatever "this" is — financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises.

In the mean time share your "this," and let others pray for you through your turbulent times.

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  • Please pray for me to stop lusting.

  • For all roots of bitterness and lust of the flesh and all things blocking the joy of The Lord In me on me and my church Familly permanently removed and my children and blessings thankyou

  • It won’t be
    It won’t be

  • I have a huge pelvic mass causing great discomfort…..I don’t want to go for surgery, I need a miracle today.

  • Please pray for Raymond; he recv’d Christ today as his Savior. Pray he would get a Bible and good church to attend & find a good mentor.

  • My son is in immediate need of prayer! He’s been sick for 3 years and in and out of the hospital. In March of this year he had a bone marrow transplant done and has had lots of problems from it that we have been fighting. Now he has a mold growing in an abscess on his brain. Doctors are giving no hope of survival. Statistics show less than 1% can survive this especially with his weakened immune system. I believe God is a God of miracles and can heal as the Bible talks about. Please please pray for Joshua!

  • I’m asking the Father to heal the tear in my rotator cuff in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit!

  • God please!! Forgive me for my fornication sin. I know what I did was wrong. Please give me the strength to stop it. In Jesus name . Amen

  • But God
    will use
    this mess
    for good.

  • These painful times of living without my beloved husband, Steven, since his passing. I pray for continued strength, courage, and peace.

    Velma Ballot
  • I have to make a decision quickly that will effect the rest of my life. Please pray God will give me the answer.

  • Pray for the Lord’s miracle to come through so my wife stops the divorce. For me to be a better father, husband and follower of Christ

    Manuel O
  • I need to have faith that God will take care of my children. I worry too much about my teens because of the times we live in now.

    Norma Jo
  • Dear God,
    Thank you for everything

  • Lord please help not to feel so bitter and resent my husband’s family. They are not good people and it’s very hard to be around them.

  • Pray for my son and daughter, for good health, happiness and to meet their soul mate.

  • Please pray for my husband and his family at the loss of their mother today. The has been in constant turmoil and division.

  • Don’t be foolish
    or naive.

  • please pray that we will be able to pay all of our bills
    it is a constant struggle. This is the only place I can talk to anyone. Please God

  • Please pray for my husband to make good decisions and find his way in his career and to also make the income that we need to save our home

  • Please pray for patience and peace during this new journey of raising two grandsons who have bad behavior problems. Michie

  • Please pray for me to lose weight at least 5 lbs/week until i’ve lost 25 pounds, i’ve tried every diet & exercise and nothing has helped.

  • PROTECT Harry, he works all hrs. Serial thief confronted at our store. Thief works nearby. Our son is only 3. God protect & keep us SAFE

  • Pls pray that he understands the value of our relation and we become a family in god’s grace. He needs alot more courage to come for me.

  • Hi, my name is rex and am 24yrs. my father needs financial help because things have no been the way it use to be. I also pray for the salvat

  • I pray for strength for my wife as I battle a major cancer. I have had my surgery and now I have 35 treatments. Pray for strength 4 Karla

  • But don’t

  • Recently diagnosis with cancer. Surgery was done. Treatments start soon. God will get us through this.

    Terry & Karla
  • Please pray that God would send me more friends

  • Please pray for a couple unspoken requests.

  • God, please show me the courage and clarity to go Your path. How I can best serve others?

  • Please pray for the restoration of my marriage (Roger and Christine). Pray that our focus would remain on Christ as only He can heal us!!

  • Go bold to God’s throne in prayer to continue to soften my husband’s heart and to return him to the wife of his youth, me. In Jesus’ name.

  • Please pray that The Lord will bless me with a rewarding job that meets my financial needs and offers medical and dental benefits.

  • There is someone at my church I’m having trouble loving. Please pray that I’ll not have resentment towards this person. Thanks for praying

  • With God’s help,

  • My husband of 30 years had an affair with my best (I thought) friend 10 years ago. When I found out and asked him to leave, he begged to re

  • pray for my daughter she was saved in April or May in 2014, only attended church once and never went back, pray her salvation name is Emi.

  • Pray my daughter will get job she applied for supporting 4 kids- their dad is deceased. She also needs to be saved. They’re living badly.

  • MY grandson is in prison who’s facing 25 years to life, pray God will save him( name) is Dezman he is in Fresno Cal., and Mr. Martin-victim.

  • you’ll

  • Pray for my son who is struggling with depression, anger, and failure. He will have the wisdom of God and relay on Him.

  • God take more of me and give me more of you.
    Financial break through and to locate my God given husband

    Theresa Osei Ahenkorah
  • For 298 souls on MH17, 80 kids, 3 infants. All their famillies. Guide the crash investigators to evidence and answers. Deliver justice. Amen

  • Prayers for a teen girl with internal bleeding from ulcerative colitis. At 10pm FL time Saturday doctors gave her 10% chance to survive

  • Laughter at my church good teaching ,preaching and prophesying and more than enough Christ that makes it so easy to do the rightly devided word and we do it more and more increasingly also in all the churches I attend and have attended even by TV and internet.

  • Thank you all who prayed for me a few weeks back. I was laid off on Monday and my best friend went to be with the Lord on Thursday.

  • Please pray that Christ’s Church would discern the signs of the time & that His soon return is coming. May we all be ready for that day.

  • his heart be opened back up to me, and the affair stops

  • pray I see that there is hope. That God does need me here. That I’m not alone in this world. Pray for me….

  • Please pray for my daughter, because of hanging with the wrong crowd one stupid mistake is threatening to ruin her life.

  • Please pray for Jeremiah’s salvation and for a healing to take place in his heart for so many hurts.

  • Please pray that my family is reunited and his affair stops. Pray that I stay strong and patient. That he hears Gods voice to come home.

  • unspoken prayer request for Eric

  • Please pray for my boss; she needs salvation along with her family. Please pray she would leave all lies & come to Christ.

  • Father, please guide me through these tough financial times as I try and make the best decisions possible for my family and company.

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