you'll get through this

You'll get through this. Whatever "this" is — financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises.

In the mean time share your "this," and let others pray for you through your turbulent times.

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  • Just as You were right where You were supposed to be on that Cross, You have me right where I’m supposed to be! Thank you my Savior I’m free

  • Bless Harrys’ legal employment documents with full approval asap, waiting over 90 days now. Our son is 3yrs. Thank You.

  • It won’t be
    It won’t be

  • Prayer for my niece & nephew who lost their mom. She was only 49.

  • Me and my children-Daiseree Joy & husband Pastor Jemmuel/ Hannah/ & John Israel…at the perfect center of God’s will.

    Daisy M. Guerrero
  • Dear God I need prayers for strength and peace and to not be afraid. Pray for good health and that upcoming checkups will be normal.

  • Thank you Lord that my son’s bloodwork was normal and he’s ok. Please pray that he will be successful in his acting and blessed in his life

  • Pray for my daughter as she tries to find a job, has her degree but cannot find a job. Pray for guidance and direction for her.

  • But God
    will use
    this mess
    for good.

  • Please pray for my husband as he struggles to find a job and struggles with his moods and sleeplessness.
    Pray for peace within him.

  • Thank you for all the people that are praying for me and my family, its amazing to me that people are praying that dont even know us. Thanks

  • Pray for my soul

  • Ferry Survivors
    300 children missing in S. Korea. Pray for survivors and those who have sadly perished in this horrific disaster. Pray for t

  • I recently suffered through a traumatic car-accident in Nov, & I am struggling through a very difficult and EXTREMELY painful recovery…

  • Father, my body feels very weak from sicknesses and working overtime for so long. Please heal and restore health to me. Have mercy on me.

  • please pray for conception and delivery of healthy babies!

  • Pray for the man I love to be free of doubt & confusion, anger & fear. Pray that he would feel a burden to draw closer to the Lord than ever

  • Don’t be foolish
    or naive.

  • Prayers are asked for a job for my daughter so that she is not under-employed and her skills can be used to share the Word of God-Rejoice!

  • To cleanse myself of all defilement of flesh and spirit; perfecting holiness out of reverence for Christ.

  • That I’ll always trust God for His love for me, that I’ll always rejoice, that I’ll always be grateful, that I’ll always be thankful & pray

  • Thank you God for more peace and joy in my life.

  • Please be with the softball girls who are up to something, especially the ones who work at Wmart.

  • My Brother is in critical condition, he had a heart attack, he is on life support. We are asking for a miracle. Please pray for him.

  • Dear God, Please, please be with my former coworkers & former students who continue to try to make me out to be something I am not.

  • Please continue to hold B&B very close, Lord. Please continue to protect C&J from reprisals. Thank you for another day to serve you.

  • But don’t

  • I also need prayers for myself. I have severe chronic pain issues all over my body and am on disability. Trying to lose weight. It’s so hard

  • Please pray for my father, Charles, who is 102 and failing pretty fast. We will all need a place to live after he passes, too.

  • My dad has Alzheimer’s disease. My mom has lots of health problems. And I’m struggling with fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, allergies, ME

  • Plz pray for Danyelle. Who lost her husband this week. May she find comfort, peace and acceptance of Christ, strength for her little girl…

  • full healing for my brothers eyesight so he can return to work. its been almost 2 years since he was unable to work. also for his finances.

  • My husband, John, was just diagnosed with multiple system atrophy, a very rare neurological disease. Please pray for his healing and joy.

  • Having very diffcult health issue. They are coming one after another. Need prayer for strength to see all this through.

  • Please pray for my schooling and my job prospects. I’ve been trying to get my life completely on track and I am running into difficulties.

  • With God’s help,

  • I pray that I can smile again and feel love and happyness. I pray to be normal and not to be scared anymore

  • Please pray that the Lord forgives those I have unintentionally hurt or ignored by my selfishness.


  • A job door to open for myself, my boyfriend, my sister, my brother in law. We’re at same crossroads, feeling low, but trusting the Lord.

  • Please pray for God to protect and provide for me and my children.

    L. M.
  • you’ll

  • my peace of mind and faith and protection for me and my family in jesus name

  • Pray for my husband’s family to overcome their anger and hurt feelings that seem to prevail over their happiness and acceptance of ea. other

  • Pray for D.A. as he continues to heal from injuries of a work accident. Bring his heart to the Lord so his mindset be more positive.

  • Prayers for healing of my P.T. and joint pains, patience in my discomfort as the Lord heals and the doctors try to assess.

  • Prayers for my adult children and their spouses to open their hearts and minds to the Lord in their daily lives. Bring them closer to Him.

  • Continued prayers for CD and BA as they recover from spinal surgeries. Give them continued strength and peace of mind in God’s healing.

  • Please pray for my son & his wife to be blessed with a child that they have been longing for, when it is God’s will.

  • Please continue to protect C&J from participating in evil or having it brought against them. Please use us this day for your purpose.

  • Please be with B&B as they come to terms to life without their child. Please help us to give them what they need during this time.

  • Please God will you help me find employment. I want to be able to provide for my family. Please open a door today. I need you Lord.

  • Prayers for provision,me and my family is having a difficulty in financing our daily needs-water and food. Please pray. Prayer is powerful.

  • Please pray for my health, both mentally and physically. I am having a hard time with depression and I don’t want it to affect my life.

  • My husband left me two weeks ago while I was out of town, and didn’t even tell me he was leaving. He wants a divorce. He left one week after I had a d&c for a miscarriage. Please pray that he will have a change in heart and God will bless and restore our marriage. Pray pray pray that God pricks his heart and turns him back to Him. I believe fully in the power of prayer and that God changes situations and makes miracles happen every day. Thank you in advance for the prayers.

  • found work a month ago after 9 months w no work. decent paying job close to home. don’t give up GOD does provide in his timing not ours!

    thank you Lord
  • I’ve been very sick. Someone has sent me veiled suicide threat. I turned it over to another. Very low. Pray 4 groceries and supplies?

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